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Steffy's Boutique was born from a love of beautiful things & feeling pretty.

Quality clothing should make the wearer feel special as well as enhance their curves and contours. Being 'Preloved' enables clients to buy good quality, well-made clothes that they otherwise may not have been able to afford.  It also allows clients to be eco-friendly whilst saving money at the same time!

Vintage clothing that has lasted the test of time is usually very well made even bespoke pieces made on someones kitchen table or floor.  Sewing techniques handed down from generation to generation are all but lost with todays 'fast fashion.' 

At Steffy's Boutique we endeavour to be environmentally friendly and adopt the maxim "Reuse, Recycle, RELOVE!"


As a Dress Agency Steffy's Boutique takes in Vintage & good quality occasion wear twice a year:

APRIL - summer clothing, prom dresses & ballgowns, wedding dresses, bridal party outfits.

OCTOBER - winter coats, cashmere & wool clothing, cocktail dresses & party-wear.

All clothing that comes in needs to be recently washed / dry-cleaned with all required repairs completed to encourage a sale.

Steffy's Boutique also take in costume jewellery, bags and other nick-nacks in both April and October.

Please email Steffy if you are interested in selling your unwanted treasures at Steffy's Boutique.

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