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Why do I sometimes have to ring the bell to enter?

There are several reasons why Steffy's Boutique doors are closed some of the time.


The first, and most important of which are Pùdin, Peba, Pixy & Peggy my 4 toy Yorkies.  I have always dreamt of taking my babies to work with me and now I do!  They are cuddly balls of fluff and love coming to work with me but they are very inquisitive and could easily slip out if the shop door was left open...


The second reason is 'good old fashioned customer service.'  I enjoy opening the door & welcoming customers into my Boutique, giving customers my full attention but also giving them the space to look around without feeling pestered!  That's why when you come into the Boutique I do not answer the phone as you are my priority and I can always call them back when the shop is quiet.


The third reason is that I am protecting the items in the Boutique.  As a Dress Agency these items belong to my clients and many have sentimental attachments.  My clients have entrusted me to find new owners in order for them to be loved again and create new memories.  If stolen these items will be unable to fulfil their destiny.

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